What is Leadership?

Learning to lead well is a lifelong process.  It is even possible that leadership takes on a slightly varied meaning with each leader.  Consider the following definitions of leadership:

  • Leadership is influence, nothing more, nothing less.
  • Leadership is disappointing your people at a rate they can handle.
  • Leadership is finding the best way, not having your own way.
  • Leadership is being a person for the people rather than being a people person.
  • Leadership requires ambition on the outside, but surrender on the inside.

You are likely reading this because you are a leader or you aspire to lead critical positive change where it seems to be missing.  Let me encourage you to write down a definition for leadership and test it on your journey.  Hold open the possibility that just because other leaders before you have brought insight to the value and definition of leadership, that you can and should discover for yourself a side of leadership that still needs to be proven and shared.

To me, leadership is a process of refining the character of an individual and of all who follow.  It is defined by transformation and truth. 

I sincerely thank you for contributing to the conversation and definition of leadership and invite you to engage with us here at Game Time Leadership Solutions and the resources we have found to be of practical help in the process of leadership.

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