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Brook Reinoehl

Personal Growth Coach

My name is Brook Reinoehl and I started this company as a platform
to serve the millions of people who desire to trade their lives for something
worthy of their value and potential but find themselves stuck and in need of
personal growth, a better grasp of influence, and a clear understanding and
process for goal setting and goal achievement.
My personal story is a journey through these three areas and I have received
invaluable mentorship through the John Maxwell Leadership program and have
been certified by them in the areas of speaking, coaching, and training, along
with a consultant level certification in the Maxwell Method of DISC for personal
communication and leadership growth, team growth, company interview
processes, sales styles, youth development, and entrepreneurship.
I have also found tremendous success in working with Paul Martinelli and the
Empowered Living community and am a part of their licensed teaching team,
especially focused in overcoming self-sabotage and in the areas of goal setting
and goal achievement.
I am an advocate at heart and I lead by serving others in achieving their
highest ideals and goals. It is my passion and it is what brings me meaning and
pleasure in life. I believe people were created to work in partnership with God
and others to create a productive, well-functioning, and benevolent world and the
ideals and goals people have are an invitation to work with the Creator in finding
and in giving hope, life, and a sense of full satisfaction.

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