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DISCover Your Unique Contribution

DISCover Your Unique Contribution

SKU: 364215376135191

By taking this 15-minute assessment you will receive 30 pages of key insights into your strenghts and the fears that drive certain behaviors in yourself and others around you.  This report will give you amazing clarity on how to better communicate and connect with others.  You will also receive a clear picture of any unwanted behaviors you are exhibiting when in public or when under pressure.  This report is loaded with helpful application questions and tools for your immediate growth!  A simply amazing and effective tool!


Taken DISC before?  Let me share something with you that I've learned over the years within just a few seconds when I am with a leadership team or management team.  I have yet to meet a person who has truly been given a good understanding of how to use this tool both for themselves and for the increased impact of those around them.  There's a good chance you have only touched the tip of the iceberg of what it can do in your life.  When I learn someone has taken the DISC and I give them just one thought-provoking idea or suggestion I know they haven't considered, they ALWAYS say, "I really need to go back and look at that again."  I couldn't agree more!  When coached in The Maxwell Method of DISC you will have layers to uncover that will keep you growing for a very long time.


I encourage you to take a second look at the DISC for yourself and let us help you unpack more value than you realized was possible.


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    If you are dissatisfied with this product, please email us at and we will set up a call to visit in person about your results.  Once we have taken the time to hear from you personally, we will offer you the chioce of a full refund or a discounted product from our store.


    This product is electronic download only.  No shipping available.

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