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New Mastermind Sessions

Spring 2023



Join one of our Spring 2023 groups of for a 5 week, guided discussion on this strategic leadership content and make the crucial leader shifts facing you right now!

11 Shifts every leader will be challenged to make:

  • The Focus Shift: Soloist to Conductor

  • The Personal Development Shift: Goals to Growth

  • The Cost Shift: Perks to Price

  • The Relational Shift: Pleasing People to Challenging People

  • The Abundance Shift: Maintaining to Creating

  • The Reproduction Shift: Ladder Climbing to Ladder Building

  • The Communication Shift: Directing to Connecting

  • The Improvement Shift: Team Uniformity to Team Diversity

  • The Influence Shift: Positional Authority to Moral Authority

  • The Impact Shift: Trained Leaders to Transformational Leaders

  • The Passion Shift: Career to Calling

Problems Solved

Everyone likes you but you are unable to lead real change and impact the key behaviors of your team.

You get results but your workplace environment is not healthy and good employees resist you or leave.

You want to step into more impactful leadership in your workplace or community but don’t know where to focus.

You are just starting as a leader or in a new arena and want to grow as quickly as possible.

You are at a pivotal time in life and leadership and you need to know the best place to focus your energy.

Standing Meeting

Groups begin April 19th!  Space is limited.  Click below to reserve your spot.

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Game Time Leadership Solutions is a Midwest-based Growth Company that offers personal and professional workshops and coaching services that are completely customizable for you and your business. Whatever your needs may be, we can get to the heart of your strengths and potential as a leader. Get in touch with us today.

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Game Time Leadership Solutions trained us from a coach's perspective, reading the room and my team quickly and effectively and showing great ability to listen and get to the core problem I was facing as a leader.

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